Pond / SCM / Wetland

Metrolina Landscape SCM at Steele Creek Rivergate Apartments


Well designed ponds can be both aesthetically pleasing and help provide storm water control in landscapes. Metrolina Landscape has the experience to assist you with the excavation , installation of pond liners, soil backfill ( for rain gardens) and plantings. We can install many varieties of aquatic plantings for littoral shelves as well as supplemental plantings to compliment site designs.

We also install pond aerators for algae control and can provide long term maintenance through our Maintenance division

  • Detention Pond
  • Rain Garden
  • Dry & Wet Retention Ponds
  • Bioretention Ponds
  • Grass Swales
  • Stormwater Wetlands
  • Restored Riparian buffers

Wetland Plantings

Wetland plantings are an integral part of structural best management practices designed to accomplish the following objectives.

  • Remove pollutants from stormwater runoff.
  • Provide flood control.
  • Reduce downstream erosion.
  • Promote groundwater recharge.

These structures are being implemented more often to comply with stormwater regulations. Metrolina Landscape has installed many different types of wetland plantings and has the experience necessary for a successfully working wetland.