Athletic Fields

Athletic Fields1


Bermuda is the most suited turfgrass for athletic fields in our area. To keep fields in good condition they must be maintained on a regular basis. Bermuda grass requires regular fertilization during the growing months. This is a fast growing grass that should be mowed as frequently as twice weekly in the hot growing season. Correct watering is also critical; not enough will stress the grass, too much can cause fungi and other problems. We will be glad to discuss and offer an appropriate maintenance program for your fields.

Key factors for a successful athletic field.

  • Growing medium. The soil must be well prepared, contain sufficient nutrients and organic material, and be free of stones and other debris.
  • The field must have adequate drainage to prevent wet spots.
  • The soil must be thoroughly tilled then evenly compacted, and graded to a smooth surface using laser grading equipment.

One of our most successful projects was the construction of a 2.5 acre athletic field on top of a parking deck. Drainage was a very important factor because of weight restrictions on the deck therefore we used a system of underground drainage lines, a layer of stone to speed water run off, and a special sand/peat mix to allow for fast drainage while giving the grass sufficient nutrients in which to grow.